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Obama’s Mothers Blog

Who We Are

We don’t look alike our kids, but we are proud of them and love them more than some in the world will ever understand.

We got tired of listening to racist or insensitive commentaries and we defend our choice to parent our children in peace, no matter what you may think about us.

We are parents both single or married, of any gender, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, belief, and we do our best to raise our kids well. We deserve respect for our task that we try to accomplish against a society that doesn’t yet facilitate and support our commitment, and that constantly erases us from public discourse and representation. But here we are, mismatched and happy.

Why This Name

We have always existed, but one day we woke up and felt stronger, thanks to Stanley Ann Dunham courage and to her son President Barack Obama effort. We are grateful for her enthusiasm and commitment as a mother against all odds, for providing the world with two compassionate children, one of them becoming with competence and decency a prominent figure in world politics and history, revealing his mother in the process. Because of them, the world can’t ignore mismatched families anymore. But the world has still to learn to respect us. For this reason we created the Facebook page first, and this WordPress blog after.

Time To Talk

Obama’s Mothers Facebook page was first founded to support US President Barack Obama re-election. After his re-election we continued with our mission of showing to the ones who wanted to see it, that beauty and family can exist also in diversity. The blog is an additional platform to tell our stories: you are all welcome to help and suggest. And for whoever is not ready to perceive our beauty, and to acknowledge that we are families too, we will insist by asking you to respect us.

All racist or insensitive commentaries will be deleted. This is our ideal world. Don’t mess up with us.

To all the “Obama’s Mothers” of the world: Be proud of yourself, defend your choice, trust the future, and feel pride for your children. And when you feel down, come read or write us.
To all “Obama’s Mothers” supporters: We need you. Each time you meet us, wherever in the world, don’t bother us with questions, mind your business, and smile. Thank you for supporting us.

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